Children and young people are growing up at a time when they face increasingly complex challenges and hurdles. We know that poor mental health affects a significant proportion of them at a younger and younger age. Life’s daily trials require children and young people to be able to rebound from setbacks and willingly face new challenges.

Bounce Back! is an evidence-based well-being and resilience programme developed to support schools, teachers and other professionals to promote positive mental health and well-being in children and young people, and in particular to enable them to act resiliently when faced with challenges, disappointments or adversities. The programme predominantly focuses on strategies and activities that teach children and young people those positive social and emotional skills that might be best described as ‘life skills’, such as building good relationships with others, conflict management skills, pro-social behaviours, perseverance, problem-solving skills, and values-based decision-making.

At Bounce Back! we are committed to increasing the resilience and well-being of children and young people in order to improve their life chances, help them do better in school, and to ensure that when they leave school they have the necessary skills to thrive in a complex world.

There are two ways to get involved with the Bounce Back! programme (a) through an introductory workshop (b) through a more in-depth whole school approach.

What is the Bounce Back! Programme?

Bounce Back! is an award-winning well-being and resilience class-based programme for children and young people. It has been developed and recently updated by Dr Toni Noble and Helen McGrath, after over 10 years of practical application. It draws from Cognitive Psychology and Positive Psychology theories. But it is broader than a purely psychological intervention, touching upon cultivating healthy habits. Bounce Back! has been shown to improve educational attainment, attendance and encourage positive behaviour for learning.

The Bounce Back team is providing a pioneering resilience skills-based training programme for children’s sector professionals. We provide support to schools to develop a whole school approach and one-day training workshop for head teachers, teachers and teaching staff. The programme, known as Bounce Back!, spans the whole of primary through to mid secondary education (i.e. 5-15 year olds).

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